Alyssa Milano: She still suffers from long-term corona consequences

Alyssa Milano
She is still suffering from long-term corona consequences

Alyssa Milano at a 2019 event

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To this day, Alyssa Milano has struggled with health problems related to her infection with the coronavirus.

Even more than a year after her infection with the corona virus, Alyssa Milano (48) is still struggling with long-term consequences today. The actress revealed in Conversation with the US portal “People”. The virus affected every aspect of her health.

So she continues to complain of shortness of breath. She also suffers from palpitations, brain fog and extreme exhaustion. In the meantime, she has stopped fighting against it: “I gave myself to the idea, so to speak, that I will feel this way for the rest of my life,” says Milano. However, she tries to get enough rest and to drink a lot to make the most of the situation.

People should get vaccinated

Now she tries to use her fame to encourage people to get vaccinated so that others don’t have to go through the same thing as her.

In April 2020, Alyssa Milano was infected with the corona virus. As a result, she kept giving updates on her health on Instagram. Among other things, she had reported on her Covid-19-related hair loss. She had also lost her sense of smell. In one of the photos she published, she was also wearing a ventilator.