Alysson Paradis very pregnant: Vanessa’s sister exposes her round belly

The baby is coming soon! Alysson Paradise shared to his fans a snapshot of his baby bump more and more round, this Friday, August 5 on Instagram. We then see the actress, sitting cross-legged with her t-shirt pulled up to show her belly, taking a picture of herself in front of a mirror. In caption, the 38-year-old actress shared an emoji of a hatching chick’s egg. A very explicit message, which suggests that the happy event is expected very very soon.

Too beautiful“, “cute baby bump“, “It grows“, “It’s coming, it’s coming“… Her fans were torn between impatience and tenderness in the comments. As a reminder, she had announced her pregnancy last April, again via this social network. Since then, her belly has grown from week to week. Recently, the sister of Vanessa Paradis shared a photo of her baby bump at the seaside when she had gone to rest on the beaches of the Atlantic coast with her companion, the actor Guillaume Gouix, father of her first child Marcus born in 2015 but also dad of the one approaching.

Preserve this mystery

This charming companion, often present in the comments of the publications of his darling to compliment her, is much less so when it comes to talking about his private life. In an interview with the JDD in 2015, he explained that he does not wish to discuss this aspect of his life, even less his role as a father. “Maybe you’re interested, but I don’t want to talk to you about my baby“, he explained, before developing: “I like the idea that my life belongs to me. There are plenty of other things to tell. And then, beyond a certain modesty, I think it’s a good thing for an actor to be discreet about his private life. It allows people to believe what they see on screen. We must preserve this mystery“, he had declared, which has, at least, the merit of being clear. Perhaps he will change his speech by the birth of his second child? Case to follow!

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