Amanda Bynes: She’s inundated with interviews and projects

Amanda Bynes
She is showered with interviews and projects

Amanda Bynes can hardly save herself from inquiries.

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Shortly after her guardianship ended, Amanda Bynes is inundated with inquiries. But she herself is not that far.

After a judge decided to end her mother’s guardianship, actress Amanda Bynes (36) is back in fashion in Hollywood.

Her attorney, David A. Esquibias, said in one Statement for “Entertainment Tonight”that Bynes was being “flooded” with interview requests. As “TMZ” reportsit is said to be numerous well-known publications, including the “New York Times”, the “Wall Street Journal” and “Vanity Fair”.

Not only that, several production companies are said to have approached Bynes’ team to “shoot documentaries or a possible reality show about her future life.”

Bynes isn’t ready to speak yet

In the foreseeable future, however, neither the documentaries nor the interviews will become anything, as her lawyer also clarified: “She is not ready to speak yet and is keeping a low profile for a while.” According to “TMZ” she is currently mainly concerned with her move to Los Angeles, where she will move in with her fiancé.

The actress, known from “Hairspray” or “Easy to Have”, was admitted to a psychiatric clinic in 2013, and her mother took over the guardianship. This ended on Tuesday after nine years.


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