Amanda Lear gets vaccinated against Covid-19: end of the mystery around her age? : Current Woman The MAG


"When I'm dead, I'll be dated at carbon 14 to finally know my age"Amanda Lear joked on the set of I love you etc. in January 2019. The former model never wanted to reveal her age, even claiming, in an apparent joke, thatshe no longer remembered her real date of birth so many she has "gave fake ". The mystery could well be lifted on Friday January 15, 2021. In a post on Instagram the singer shared a photo of herself, all smiles, being vaccinated against the coronavirus. Except that, according to the announcements of the government, the vaccination campaign must be carried out gradually and the priority people are over 75 years old. Is Amanda Lear part of the elderly population?

Internet users are taken aback

According to journalist Benoît Daragon, the answer is clear. "Thanks to # covid19, we finally know that Amanda Lear is over 75 years old. So she was not born in 1950 as she sometimes says! " writes the latter on his account Twitter. For their part, fans of the artist are more undecided and do not seem to believe that she can be over 75 years old. "Getting vaccinated at your age when elderly people at home do not yet have access to the vaccine, it will be necessary to explain to me. Unless you have health concerns?", "How is it possible ? Already, for such a young woman? ","You had a pass you are too young to be part of the priority audiences" or "You are too young, right? Or do you have contacts in the ministry"can we read among the comments.

The secrets surrounding Amanda Lear's life have fascinated the French for nearly five decades. But no matter how old Amanda Lear may be, his community seems as faithful to him as ever and recognizes the eternal brilliance of Salvador Dalí's muse, like these other comments: "Always so beautiful Amanda! "," Diva "," Thank you for giving an example "," Always with class "," Really the most beautiful".

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