Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard shocked: “it’s going to hurt!”, their serious warning

This Saturday, February 18, Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard spoke in stories from their Instagram account to tell their latest misadventure, which brought them to the police station. Following this, the couple warned their detractors of their current state of mind. Revenge on their part would be soon.

New twist in the life of Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard, one of the emblematic couples of Large Families, life in XXL, recently converted into pornographic actorsand moreover revealed behind the scenes of their first X movie. This change of life did not please everyone, and the lovers are today victims of cyberbullying. Unfortunately, given their exposure and their choice of retraining in X content, their children ended up being involved in their stories.

Indeed, the couple said this Saturday, February 18, in stories from their Instagram account, that the police came to their home to take their children to the police station for questioning. This follows on from anonymous reports that the police received: “Something happened a few days ago. I was in Paris with Léna and Alex was with the other children. He calls me to tell me that the police are at home! He tells me they want to take the kids […] Anonymous letters were sent to the prosecutor saying that following our retraining, we supposedly lock our children in their rooms at night”reported the mother of the family.

Amandine Pellissard “Be careful, it will hurt”

Following this affair, which should be closed without further action according to Amandine Pellissard, the couple, who celebrated Valentine’s Day, decided to express themselves once again on Instagram: “I can tell you that things, we will change them. Because there, there is really a whole system to question in relation to the credibility given to hateful Internet users and cyberbullying. The system condoned cyberbullying. It’s not even the fault of the police. […] There is still a real problem in the law, because once again, all of this is really a 2.0 system that should be put in place, in line with current society which is a reflection of social networks. Because they have an even more important place than any media. […] As a public figureagain, one should not be subject to control when haters make reports on the networks.explained the converted mother.

The latter, alongside her husband, subsequently threatened their detractors: “Obviously, we won’t let it go. Obviously, we are not going to change, not at all, on the contrary. We have nothing to reproach ourselves for, we will continue like this. However, we touched our children, so there, be careful, it’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt in the nails of the law, and I can tell you that we’re not going to let go, really, you didn’t go after the right people. I really invite you to go boycott this page to the c **. Besides, they’re going to put the story back on, because they have nothing else to f***. […] Psychiatry has many good years ahead of it in our country. Long live France !”she said.

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