Amandine Petit eliminated from “DALS”: Chris Marques reveals to have “fried well” with the former Miss

Pictures never deceive… Eliminated from the show Dance with the stars Friday October 7, the former Miss France Amandine Petit seemed, during the debrief with the dancers and the jurors, to be ruminating. A behavior that had not escaped Chris Marques. “I think Amandine, she’s not happy. You know Amandine, I completely understand that you’re not happy, it’s normal, but every week there’s someone eliminated,” he said. he questioned. Very uncomfortable, the former beauty queen had then replied in a particularly cold tone: “It does not matter, I am going to join Normandy and it makes me so but so happy”.

Chris Marques did not like Amandine Petit’s performance

A little earlier in the evening, Chris Marques had not been at all convinced by the performance of the young woman alongside her sidekick, the dancer Anthony Colette, and another dancer, Marie-Agnès Gillot. “When I see you dance, I still have this feeling that you are performing your dance, you are performing your steps but you are not living this dance. I know what will happen. The public will love it this performance because it is Biolay, it is The superbthe moment is incredible, we see you all three, you are splendid but if I only focus on dance, and it is a dance competition, right now, I want to see performances that go beyond even technique and I don’t have it yet”, the juror had told him before giving him the small score of 5. A real snub for Amandine Petit, who would have “fried” with Chris Marques backstage.

“She is not happy with the comments, it is normal”

This was revealed by the judge of DALS during an interview at the microphone of the Morning without filter from Virgin Radio on Wednesday, October 12. “We had a good time in the sense that we had a good fight. Literally half an hour later, we saw each other backstage, we were in the office of the prod Amandine and I, we talked for half an hour, and we get along very well”, said Chris Marques before justifying himself: “The week before, she gave us one of her best performances of the whole season. She gave us an absolutely canon. Except that here, at one point, she gives a performance which is great one week, she is happy to receive her comments. And the following week, it is true that the performance does not suit us the judges, and she is not happy with the comments, it is normal. One goes with the other”.

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