Amandine Petit (Miss France 2021): this physical detail that earned her mockery when she was a child: Current Woman The MAG

Sacred Miss France 2021 on December 19, 2020 live from Puy du Fou on TF1, Amandine Petit succeeded Clémence Botino in the skin of the most beautiful woman in France. Unfortunately for her, the one who has an astonishing connection with a former candidate of Koh Lanta knows for now a rather special year of reign due to the health crisis. She also confided in this subject during the show 50’inside April 10, 2021 on TF1. During his interview with Nikos Aliagas, Amandine Petit also mentioned one of her physical peculiarities, which earned her some mockery during her childhood..

“I always had that big voice” explained the one who gets annoyed when asked about her love life, after reviewing the images of her coronation as Miss Normandy. “Do you take a voice like that to protect yourself?” the host asked him. “A little, surely I think.” Miss France 2021 replied. “After that, I’ve always had a hoarse voice since I was little. At first, it was a source of mockery,” confided Amandine Petit. “Really ?” He immediately launched Nikos Aliagas, visibly taken aback by the revelation of the young woman. “I had a big voice actually for a petite blonde with blue eyes,” explained the one who had some setbacks with her official apartment a few months ago.

Amandine Petit: very moved when reliving her coronation of Miss France

In fact, it’s been a strength ever since because it allowed me to put my voice well to Miss Normandy. And to come out of saying: ‘She’s blonde with blue eyes, maybe she’s a barbie’. Finally when she speaks with her big voice, it’s not really that admitted Miss France 2021. “She smacks the words.” then launched Nikos Aliagas, causing the hilarity of his guest. Thereafter Amandine Petit could not hold back her tears when reviewing the images of her coronation as Miss France. Currently, the young woman is in the process of preparing for the Miss Universe election with the entire Miss France committee. She will fly to the United States to represent France during this event on May 16, 2021.

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