Amazon Alexa: Manufacturer changes data protection website – these are the innovations


Amazon has revised the in-house website for data protection settings for Amazon devices. But not all changes bring more convenience for users.

You can not only use Alexa with the Amazon Echo, you can also reach the language assistant via an app. (Source: Amazon)

  • Amazon has changed the Alexa privacy settings webpage.
  • You can now access information about connected smart home systems via the side bar.
  • The voice recording page has also been slightly adjusted.

Amazon presents various settings for the company’s devices and services, such as Amazon Alexa, on the website. The privacy settings section on the Amazon site has now been changed.

For example, you can check when Alexa recorded your speech or change skill permissions. Caschy’s blog noticed that you now have to click a little more in the overview of the data protection settings if you want to delete all recorded voice commands.

You can also see a history of all smart home devices integrated through Alexa in the sidebar of the settings. The site provides information on the status and usage of the devices over a 30-day period. Amazon stores the data for quite a bit longer. But you can also manage this storage length.

Alternatively, you can use a voice command to remove the voice recordings. Of course, the Alexa app also leads to the privacy settings. There, too, you can clear Alexa’s cache or change other settings, like the wake word.

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