Amazon employees vote again on first US union representation

Amazon has to endure another vote on a first union representation in the USA. From February 4 to March 25, workers at a logistics warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama, can vote again to join the RWDSU trade union. The National Labor Relations Board NLRB announced on Tuesday. Should the employees speak out in favor of it, a US union would join Amazon for the first time. The postal votes are to be counted on March 28th.

In fact, the RWDSU initiative in Bessemer had already failed last year, and by far not enough votes were received. However, following complaints from the union, the supervisors of the NLRB came to the conclusion that Amazon had improperly influenced the election and therefore had to be voted again. It was controversial, for example, that the company itself had set up a mailbox for voting at the plant. This was considered prohibited interference by the NLRB, as it could have given employees the impression that they were being monitored by Amazon.


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