Amazon Games: John Smedley, who heads Amazon’s San Diego studio, packs up

Despite the relative success of New Worldadventure Amazon Games will have had more lows than highs. The retail giant got into the video game industry years ago but is currently struggling to do more than wipe the plaster from its many development failures. Faced with this rout, it is not surprising to see certain artists and executives go elsewhere, and Amazon Games today loses one of its important employees, who is none other than John Smedley.

Another big start at Amazon

John Smedley is best known for working at Sony Online Entertainment and for being one of the masterminds of the mythical EverQuest. He worked at the head of the Amazon Games studio based in San Diego for about six years, but Bloomberg informs us today that the person concerned has decided to leave his post, which he leaves to Andy Sites. Smedley’s departure will not be effective until the transition between him and his replacement is complete. Smedley simply explains that he now wants to try other adventures.

A departure that is easily understood when you know that all the work Smedley never saw the light of day on Amazon. Despite years of activity, only New World resisted the ax of cancellation, a chance that will not have benefited Crucible or many games canceled without being announced.

Now, Amazon Games seems to be much more active in the publishing business, with major deals signed to publish games like Lost Ark, Blue Protocolor the next one tomb Raider. But when it comes to home games, it’s a whole other story and this important departure will probably not help matters.

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