Amazon is testing TikTok-like videos to sell its products

This principle popularized by TikTok, namely offering short videos to the channel via a feed, is gaining more and more emulation. Amazon is the latest of these, the company is currently testing a similar system on its app. Of course, all products shown in the video can be purchased on Amazon.

Credit: Watchful via Wall Street Journal

With its principle of offering short videos accessible continuously via a stream, TikTok has obviously found “the idea of ​​the century”. It must be said that all the competitors of the Chinese social network have given in to the “Shorts” trend, whether Facebook, Instagram with the Reels, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube with the Shorts, or even Spotify and Netflix.

However, if we are to believe the revelations of Watchful (a platform specializing in information on AI products) relayed by our colleagues from the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is also seduced by this format. Indeed, the company is currently testing a vertical feed of photos and videos in its application, with its employees internally.

Amazon also wants its videos a la TikTok

As demonstrated by the few screenshots shared by Watchful to the American media, this stream responds to the name of “Inspired”, and we could therefore access it directly from the bottom navigation bar, via the diamond shaped logo (between the Home and Profile button).

By clicking on it, users will be able to see the various posts in the feed, which will of course include links to buy the items in the posts. Note, however, that this is not the first time that the e-commerce giant has drawn inspiration from social networks.

Amazon TikTok videos
Credit: Watchful via Wall Street Journal

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Amazon recently added to its advertising tools a feature copied from Instagram called Amazon Posts. It is neither more nor less than “image-oriented navigation” organized here again via a social media feed. “Help shoppers view your products in realistic conditions and encourage them to browse your news feed,” describes the firm.

Going back to this TikTok-style stream, it’s hard to say whether this feature will be offered to the public or not. It will imperatively be necessary that Amazon is going through a test phase with consumers to find out if this new sales method appeals to them or not. “We are constantly testing new features to make life a little easier for customers,” an Amazon spokesperson told our colleagues at TechCrunch. As a reminder, Amazon has increased the price of its Prime subscription in France by around twenty euros.

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