Amazon Music is more expensive today: Four cheap alternatives at a glance


Amazon Music is now getting more expensive. Anyone who wants to listen to music from a mail order company now has to dig deeper into their pockets. We show you three inexpensive alternatives.

Starting February 21, Amazon will increase prices for its music service. (Source: Rawpixel /

  • Amazon Music is becoming more expensive and now costs 10.99 euros per month – one euro more than before.
  • Amazon is not the first provider to increase the price of its streaming service.
  • There are alternatives. Napster, Tidal or Spotify cost you significantly less per year.

The price increase at Amazon Music was foreseeable. The provider announced this some time ago. The change will now be implemented on February 21st. If you want to continue using the music service, you now have to pay EUR 10.99 instead of EUR 9.99.

  1. Alternative for music lovers: Tidal

  2. The “everything listener” takes Spotify

  3. Price tip: Napster and Aldi music

  4. Free alternative: Free tariffs

However, Amazon Music is not alone in this. Deezer, Apple Music and YouTube Music also cost over 10 euros a month. However, if you have not set your sights on a music streaming service and are open to alternatives, you can still save money because the cheaper providers still exist.

Alternative for music lovers: Tidal

If you love music and love music in CD quality, we recommend Tidal. The provider attracts with over 90 million songs, exclusive releases, music videos and interviews. In the regular Tidal tariff for 9.99 euros you have full access and can listen to most music in high CD quality.

At Tidal free trial subscription*


With Tidal Master, Tidal offers an even higher resolution music quality. Here, however, the subscription costs you just under 20 euros, and you also need high-quality hardware to be able to hear the difference at all. You can try Tidal for free. Simply click on the link included above.

The “everything listener” takes Spotify

Spotify is a veteran and popular with podcast fans. You won’t find high-resolution music here, but a huge music catalog with over 100 million songs. There are also countless podcasts, including many in-house productions. Spotify costs 9.99 euros, and the service can currently be tested free of charge for two months.

At Spotify free trial subscription*


The broad platform support for smartphones, music systems and the like also speaks in favor of Spotify. The service is a real recommendation for those who listen to everything.

Price tip: Napster and Aldi music

Another, or even two alternatives: Napster and Aldi Music. You may still know the service as an illegal exchange. In the meantime, however, the company is a legal music service. Napster is not necessarily one of the most popular providers, but the offer is rock solid, the music catalog is extremely large with over 110 million songs. You can find music, audio books and radio plays at the music service, but not podcasts.

At Napster free trial subscription*


At 9.99 euros, Napster is also cheaper, and you can also try the streaming service for 30 days free of charge. If you want to save even more, go to Aldi Music. The service is based on Napster and is in no way inferior to the original. With 60 million songs, the music catalog is smaller – but you shouldn’t expect any big gaps here either.

At Aldi Music free trial subscription*


The price is particularly attractive. Aldi Music costs just 7.99 euros a month, significantly less than the other music services. Here, too, you have the opportunity to test the service for 30 days free of charge.

Free alternative: Free tariffs

Some providers also tempt you with free use of their own service. There are of course limitations. Among other things, you have to live with advertisements or you can only play songs in shuffle mode. Downloading songs is also usually not possible.

If you are looking for a service for simple secondary sound reinforcement, this may still be enough. You can find free tariffs on Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, among others, and YouTube is also a good place to go.

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