Amazon Prime Video: The hardest year of your life – streaming service secures rights to Céline Dion documentary


A rare illness prevents Celine Dion from appearing on stage again. Now a new Amazon documentary follows the singer on her search for a cure.

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In December 2022, Céline Dion contacted her fans. The global star announced via Instagram that her European tour could not take place as planned. The reason: Dion was diagnosed with Stiff Person Syndrome, a rare neurological disease that affects both Dion’s movements and her voice.

Even at the beginning of 2024, no drug had yet been found that could alleviate Dion’s suffering and allow her to be on stage again. Nevertheless, we can expect a reunion with Dion in 2024, which will present the singer in a new, very private light.

Celine Dion takes us with her

"Love again" with Celine Dion

“Love Again” with Céline Dion (Source:

Amazon MGM has secured worldwide rights to the documentary “I Am: Celine Dion.” The film is scheduled to stream on Amazon Prime Video at an as yet unknown date in 2024. Dion himself says:

The last few years have been a big challenge for me. I have learned to live with my illness and deal with it, but not to let it define me. On the road to resuming my performing career, I realized how much I missed seeing my fans. During this absence, I decided to document this part of my life and try to raise awareness of this little-known disease in order to help others who share this diagnosis.

Celine Dion

“I am: Celine Dion” follows the singer for a year as she tries to find a suitable treatment for stiff person syndrome and maintain her usual quality of life. Amazon MGM’s Jennifer Salke describes the documentary as a “candid, intimate account of a pivotal time in her personal life and career.”

Dion was most recently seen in her first acting role. Dion played himself in the romantic comedy “Love Again” with “Outlander” star Sam Heughan. You can currently watch the film streaming on WOW.

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