Amber Heard: “I hope so”, the actress has left the United States and breaks the silence

In a video posted on TikTok on May 15, a journalist interviews Amber Heard on the streets of Madrid. The opportunity to learn more about the new life of the actress in the Spanish capital, a year after the end of the trial which opposed her to Johnny Depp.

One year to the day after the end of the ultra-publicized trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, what becomes of the actress? The one who accuses her ex-husband of domestic violence was finally ordered to pay him $ 10.3 million and was has become the target of violent criticism on the Web and in some media. While Johnny Depp is back in the cinema with several projects, Amber Heard, she is much more discreet. Probably wanting to flee the virulent animosity she encountered in Hollywood on the sidelines of the trial, the actress had left the United States to settle in Madrid in May 2022.

A year later, the latter seems to have found a semblance of fulfillment. During a brief interview with a journalist in the streets of Madrid, Amber Heard confided in her new life in rather impressive Spanish. “I love Spain so much, I love living here“, she dropped in the language of Cervantes, before indicating that she wanted to settle there permanently. “I hope so!”. The actress also assured that she had plans to come to the movies, despite rumors suggesting she has put her career on hiatus since the trial.”Of course !”, she said before adding: “ I’m moving on, that’s life!” During this exchange, Amber Heard still dodged a question from the journalist who asked her if she intended to go to the Cannes Film Festival, where her ex-husband was, who had come to defend Maïwenn’s latest film, Jeanne du Barry.

Amber Heard: the presence of her ex at the Cannes Film Festival disturbs

The presence of Johnny Depp on the red carpet has also been decried by several personalities in the field, like Julie Gayet and Laure Calamy, who expressed their disapproval in Liberation. “By rolling out the red carpet to the men and women who assaultthe Festival sends the message that in our country we can continue to exercise violence with complete impunity, that violence is acceptable in places of creation“, in particular lamented the signatories. Several members of the film crew The Rapture also supported Amber Heard by appearing at the screening with t-shirts bearing the image of the actress.

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