Ambush shots: Ukraine: Attack on Zelenskyi’s adviser

Ambush shots
Ukraine: Attack on Zelenskyi’s adviser

For years, Sergei Schefir has been a close confidante of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj. Recently, however, their relationship is said to have worsened massively. The car is now being ambushed by Shefir. The authorities speak of an assassination attempt.

The assistant and close advisor to the Ukrainian head of state Volodymyr Selenskyj was the target of an attempted murder that morning, according to the authorities. Sergej Schefir’s car was attacked by strangers south of the capital, Kiev, out of a wooded area. Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko and the police announced on Facebook that more than ten bullets hit the car near Lesniki. A special mission is under way to locate the shooters.

The driver of Schefir’s car was reportedly seriously injured by the gunshots from automatic weapons. Shefir himself is well, said a deputy from Zelenskyi’s Party Servants of the People to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti. Prosecutor General Irina Wenediktova announced that investigations had been initiated. The act is treated as “attempted murder”.

The background was initially unclear. Schefir and Zelenskyj have been working together for years, even before the head of state took office in 2019. Like Zelenskyj, the 57-year-old comes from the industrial city of Krywy Rig. He acted as the producer of the television series “Servants of the People”, in which the future head of state played a teacher who unexpectedly becomes president. However, the relations between the assistant and the president are said to have worsened recently, according to media reports. Several attacks on politicians and journalists had been carried out in Ukraine in recent years.

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