AMD competes with Nvidia and its RTX Voice with its own noise cancellation

Two years after Nvidia released RTX Voice, its noise cancellation feature for microphones, it’s AMD’s turn to attack. He too is launching an audio noise reduction system using a real-time deep learning algorithm.

Source: AMD

In April 2020, Nvidia launched a new plug-in dubbed RTX Voice, which aimed to reduce extraneous noise that can be picked up by a microphone. Two years later, it continues to be deployed, since the Elgato and Corsait products will benefit from it. AMD responds with its Noise Suppression, which does exactly the same thing and that we had anticipated a few days ago, before its official announcement.

Reduce background noise for thanks to AMD

The AMD Noise Suppression plug-in helps reduce background noise picked up by your computer’s microphone, which can be useful for poor quality, poorly tuned or omnidirectional microphones. Whether it’s for a professional conversation, while streaming or during a gaming session, this Noise Suppression works “both for your input and output devices on any AMD-powered system, suppressing unwanted background noise picked up on your microphone or someone else’s devicewrites AMD. To suppress background noise, it uses a “real-time deep learning algorithm”, although we do not know more about how the system really works.

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There is one point on which AMD does better than Nvidia: its system makes it possible to suppress the background noise of the interlocutors and not only its own. With this, there’s no longer any need to insult your playmate or discreetly mute your colleague’s microphone.

AMD’s software menu with Noise Suppression // Source: AMD

To take advantage of it, you must be equipped with the latest version of AMD software. This noise reduction function is compatible with many software, such as Microsoft Teams, Discord, Slack, etc. AMD Noise Suppression is available on Ryzen systems from the 5000 series and Radeon RX systems from the 6000 series.

Incidentally, the Radeon RX 7000 series will arrive soon, as will the GeForce RTX 4000.

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