AMD integrates the FSR into its Radeon drivers to generalize it to “all” games


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December 29, 2021 at 3:36 p.m.


AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution © AMD


The assurance that almost all games make the most of the power of your Graphic card

Just a few days ago, AMD was proud to announce that the FidelityFX Super Resolution was being used more and more by video game studios. The American pointed out that only six months after the launch of his technique of super sampling, 47 games are already using it and 24 more should be compatible soon.

Radeon RX 5000 and higher compatible

The fact remains that compared to the competing technique of NVIDIA – Deep Learning Super Sampling or DLSS – AMD is behind and would like to be able to move up a gear. To do this, it redesigned its graphics drivers, the Radeon Software.

AMD Super Resolution logo © Videocardz

The AMD Radeon Super Resolution logo unearthed by VideoCardz

The idea is ultimately quite simple and AMD has quite simply decided to implement the FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 algorithm to what it calls the “Radeon Super Resolution”, in other words graphics drivers being able to use the FSR.

In doing so, AMD is sort of bypassing video game developers who no longer have to implement or manage anything: everything is done directly in post-process at the pilots level. The only constraint, minor, that the game is able to manage the exclusive full screen mode.

According to VideoCardz, the AMD Radeon Super Resolution should be released next month, without further details. It will apply to both RDNA 1 and RDNA 2 cards, so the RX 5000 and above.

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Source: VideoCardz

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