Amel Bent pays tribute to her sister on her birthday and moves the canvas: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

His fans were on the verge of shedding a tear when they discovered this message posted on Instagram, Saturday May 30, 2020. While Mélissa, her little sister, celebrated her birthday, Amel Bent wanted to pay him a vibrant tribute via social networks. If the young woman often talks about her children and her husband, she remains very discreet when it comes to the rest of her family. But any occasion is good to remind her little sister of how much she loves and admires her. Already in 2017, when the young woman was celebrating her 24th birthday, the jury of The Voice had posted a photo of his sister with a caption and a message full of tenderness and humor: "Happy birthday to a girl in diamond, a gold tata … a cardboard housewife (hahaha) happy 24 years to my sister "

"You are a blessing"

But for her 27th birthday, Mélissa received an even more touching message. In a long tirade, Amel Bent set out to list one by one the qualities of his sister. And, obviously, there are many! "When you were born, I was only 8 years old, and yet I remember being aware of the great gift that God had given me! And yes, Melissa, you are a blessing, for me, for our brother, for mom, for your father, for your friends, and all the people you meet! ", she wrote. And to add: "Thank you for giving me the strength to believe in myself, thank you for excusing my missteps, without ever condemning me and for always looking for solutions! Yes I am blessed to have you as a little sister and as a friend. I love you… Happy Birthday." A statement that went straight to the hearts of his fans. "wow !! what a beautiful message. happy birthday to your little sister Amel " or "To this being who looks unique: Happy birthday !!!" can we read in comments.

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