Amel Bent sex education teacher? She responds to this funny revelation: Current Woman The MAG

Pans, Amel Bent has some. Sunday February 28, 2021, the coach of The Voice rediscovered them with humor on France 2. Invited in Children of TV, the singer was entitled to images of Valérie Lemercier repeating one of her titles. Invited in Daily sure TMC in 2020, the actress confessed that she was secretly listening to her song Tell me who you are before starting to sing it with gusto. That day, the actress was accompanied by comedian Melha Bedia, who the singer knows well. Asked by the facilitator about the relationship she has with the little one Ramzy's sister, and in particular the rumor that she was giving him singing lessons, she replied amused: "Not at all. As much as she gives me pole dance lessons (in reference to his film Strong, editor's note), do you see ".

Before continuing: "She's a friend, she's like a little sister to me. I call her my daughter downright". Later, Amel Bent discovered the message left to her by Valerie Lemercier in a funny video. After resuming his cult title My philosophy, the actress told him: "Thank you very much, I love you, I love your songs". She continued with a funny request: "I know you give interesting lessons to our friend Melha, and maybe I would also need your advice, I have the impression that I have lost my hand a little ". Laurent Ruquier didn't need more to ask for more details: "I believe that the famous courses Valérie Lemercier talks about are sex education courses".

Amel Bent opens up about her intimate discussions with Melha

"Is that so ?", surprised his guest. To which, the flagship face of France Televisions replied: "Yes, it seems that you are giving sex education lessons to Melha". If Amel Bent was quick to deny this funny story, she nevertheless confided: "It is true that she is in the absolute fantasy. That is to say that, when we find ourselves among girls, she asks us all the time full of questions ". And for good reason, the young humorist often invited in Big heads never had a hard time talking about her virginity. "Basically, I was expecting the right one. I only came across idiots at the beginning and after that it was with my convictions ", she explained frankly to Laurent Ruquier in his show on RTL in 2019.

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