“American Horror Story”: Macaulay “Kevin” Culkin in the first trailer for season 10

“American Horror Story”
Macaulay “Kevin” Culkin in the first season 10 trailer

Fans can look forward to a comeback from Macaulay Culkin.

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“Kevin” is now doing horror: In the trailer for the tenth season of “American Horror Story” there are first pictures of Macaulay Culkin.

With his appearances as a defensive toddler in “Kevin – Alone at Home” and “Kevin – Alone in New York”, Macaulay Culkin (40) earned enough money as a child to be able to do whatever he wanted as an adult. And those are seldom films and series. The ex-child star has now made an exception for the tenth season of “American Horror Story”. A first detailed trailer for the tenth season of the horror anthology series now shows the first moving images of the horror culkin.

Small, still puzzling role for Culkin

In the trailer Macaulay Culkin can only be seen briefly three times. Whether his role is one of the good or bad characters cannot yet be read from this – with “American Horror Story” that changes constantly. In one scene he enters a house armed with a crowbar.

Culkin’s figure loves style and technology just as the actor himself loves eccentric. He wears a long brown fur coat and several rings on his fingers. Pictures of Culkin shared by series creator Ryan Murphy (55) on Instagram beforehand. The character named Mickey seems to be a rich lady’s companion.

The story of the tenth season

Season 10 is called “Double Feature” and will be divided into two parts, which should fit together towards the end. The first part “Red Tide” will play by the sea, the focus is apparently human-like sea monsters with sharp teeth. In the trailer, which is exclusively dedicated to the first part of the “Double Feature”, the monsters can only be seen briefly. Rather, the focus is on a writer with writer’s block who settles in a coastal town.

Part two, “Death Valley”, however, takes place in the desert, details are not yet known here. Except that it’s about aliens, classic “green men”. Both groups of monsters had one short teaser presented.

The actors

In addition to the newcomer Culkin, the trailer for “Red Tide” features a number of regular actors from the anthology series: Sarah Paulson (46), Lily Rabe (39), Evan Peters (34), Finn Wittrock (36) and Frances Conroy (68).