‘American Pie’ Star Tara Reid: ‘Never Had Sex Tapes’

“American Pie” star Tara Reid
“Never Had Sex Tapes”

Tara Reid looks back on her days as a supposed party girl.

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“American Pie” star Tara Reid was considered a party girl for many years. But the actress says: “I’ve never done anything wrong.”

Former “American Pie” star Tara Reid, 47, has launched into a – possibly liberating – all-round blow in a new interview. Looking at her media past as an alleged party girl Reid explained in an interview with “Mr. Warburton Magazine”that she “never did anything wrong”.

“Never Had Sex Tapes”

Reid, who became a veritable film star, particularly thanks to the 1999 cult teen comedy “American Pie”, jokingly explained in an interview that she was the “godmother” of the kind of attention that young female stars like Lindsay Lohan wanted after her , 36, Paris Hilton, 42, or Kim Kardashian, 42. “Everything I did was recorded. It was pretty bad,” Reid said.

The 47-year-old was “the first” to “start this image. The difference is: I’ve never had sex tapes. I’ve never done anything wrong – I didn’t even get a speeding ticket.”

Tara Reid: “I popped the corks”

The actress, who also starred in ‘American Pie 2’ (2001) and ‘American Pie’ (2012), continued: “When I wasn’t at work filming, I would immediately travel to Europe. I left popped the corks and had a great time. But who doesn’t?”

Reid has often complained in recent years about alleged mistreatment by the tabloids. “I’ve been a media target for years,” she explained around 2008. Her acting career also suffered from the reporting about her person. “I didn’t work for a while. It was really frustrating,” according to Reid in 2021. “It made no sense to be punished for having fun.”


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