Americans amazed the chess world: twelve-year-old is the youngest grandmaster

Americans amazed chess world
Twelve year old is the youngest grandmaster

The USA and Russia are two great chess nations – including the youngest chess grandmasters in history. So far, the record was held by a Russian player. After 19 years, a boy from America is taking over from him.

The American Abhimanyu Mishra is the youngest chess grandmaster in history. At twelve years, four months and 25 days he secured the highest title in chess, as the world chess federation Fide confirmed. Mishra replaced the Russian Sergej Karjakin as the youngest grandmaster after 19 years. Karjakin was twelve years and seven months old when he set his record.

Mishra managed all three grandmaster norms in Budapest, a set tournament performance. The last one he achieved on Wednesday with the win against the Indian Leon Luke Mendonca. Mishra had already surpassed the required rating, which indicates the level of play, of 2500 in June.

Due to the corona pandemic, the number of classic chess tournaments is limited. Since the corona restrictions are less strict in Hungary than in other countries, Mishra traveled with his father to Hungary’s capital to play several tournaments there.


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