Americans still love SVOD

After spending $8.86 billion in the first quarter, the US market continued to grow in the second quarter, surpassing $9 billion for home video entertainment, up 2% quarter-on-quarter. another and in the end, growth of 11.27% from one semester to the next. The first part of the year ended with revenue of $17.9 billion, 93.5% of which was devoted to digital activities.

If the market remained so dynamic over the period, it was mainly thanks to SVOD, which posted an increase of 17.25% to 14.5 billion dollars. Although Netflix lost nearly 2 million subscribers over the half-year, the other streamers are still in a recruitment phase which ultimately allows the market to remain largely positive. SVOD alone represents 87% of the digital market and 81% of the total home video market. The DEG specifies that the SVOD figure now includes hybrid AVOD subscriptions which have met with some success with Hulu and Peacock for example and which will be joined by Disney+ and Netflix soon, but also Premium VOD releases.

The other segments of the market are all down, with the exception of EST, which rose 3.2% from one half to the next to 1.23 billion dollars.

According to DEG, the growth in the first half was mainly fueled by numerous theatrical releases such as The Bad Guys, The Batman, Dog, Encanto, The Lost City, Moonfall, Morbius, The Northman, Sing 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Spider -Man: No Way Home and Uncharted.

The DEG mentions that this solid performance took place in a particular and worrying context, in particular due to the record price of gasoline and inflation that has been reaching peaks for decades. This could have an impact on household spending in the second half, especially since Disney+ will increase its prices on December 8. The challenge: to know whether or not the American market will exceed the 35 billion mark in expenditure at the end of 2022.

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