Americans travel to all seven continents in a wheelchair – despite a wheelchair

As the “Stern” reports, Cory Lee is said to have been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy as a child, a rare disease that leads to muscle wasting and which makes him need a wheelchair. But despite this limitation, at the age of only 30, Cody Lee achieved something that many dream of all their lives: He has visited all seven continents – making him the first wheelchair user in the world to have succeeded.

Precise planning is necessary

His last excursion, before he had to do without major trips due to the corona pandemic, was to Antarctica. “We were on the last voyage to Antarctica before the borders were closed,” reports the 30-year-old. He has seen everything you imagine to see there and more and it moved him to tears, said Cory Lee.

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According to his own statement, traveling was a “goal in life” for the American, from which he did not want to be dissuaded despite the special circumstances. Traveling with a handicap is, however, much more complex and requires a lot of planning. “As a traveler in a wheelchair, I need a lot more time to look for destinations, to find a barrier-free hotel or to find out which means of transport I can use,” he tells the “Travelpulse” portal.

Nevertheless, Cory Lee is convinced that barrier-free travel is "absolutely possible" and wants to motivate other people in wheelchairs to explore the world with his blog and his social media appearances. He is even said to have written a children's book for this. "Let's explore with Cor Cor" is about a boy in a wheelchair who travels the world; Similarities to Cory Lee's own stories are striking.

One of his next goals: Oktoberfest

Even after the trip to the last continent, which he had not yet visited, Cory Lee should not think about quitting for a long time. His next goal is now to get to know his own country better and to visit each of the 62 national parks in the USA. He also wants to come to Germany one day: To get drunk at the Oktoberfest there.