Amira and Oliver Pocher: Why the couple has a prenuptial agreement

Amira and Oliver Pocher
Why the couple has a prenuptial agreement

Amira and Oliver Pocher speak openly about their marriage contract.

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Oliver and Amira Pocher speak openly about their marriage contract. She makes it clear: She does not want to benefit from his financial success.

Oliver (43) and Amira Pocher (28) have in their podcast "The Pochers here!" talked about her marriage contract and stressed: Financially, 50:50 was never an option for her. "It's completely normal: When you get married, you can either say we're not making a marriage contract here and just let it go and then argue later. Or you say beforehand that I would find this and that appropriate," explained Oliver Pocher first of all. However, her marriage contract was "long out of date," joked the comedian. As it went with his wife last year, he could have leaned back and relaxed, said the 43-year-old.

Amira Pocher meanwhile emphasized that she did not want a community of gains. "I said what you take in, what you deserve, I don't want to benefit from it, you worked for that," said the mother of two. She didn't even get a lawyer before signing. "I love you very much for saying it and believing it that way," her husband replied. There are enough examples where the contract is used for financial gain, said the comedian.

The children are covered by a marriage contract

In a community of gains, the partners' goods remain separate during the marriage. If one partner dies or the marriage is divorced, 50 percent goes to the other. "Let's assume: I earn a million, Amira 1,000 euros. In the end there would be 500,500 euros for everyone. I don't think that's appropriate, for example," said Oliver Pocher and his wife agreed. "I would feel so shit if I suddenly asked for 50 percent. You don't have the money because of me and you would have it without me."

The couple therefore "regulated everything fairly" in their contract. His wife would "never stand on the street, just because of the children," explained Pocher. These are secured, but his wife has to earn her own living. "I can take care of myself," agreed Amira Pocher. "The most important thing is that you share it with the children."

The couple made their first official appearance in November 2018, the wedding followed in October 2019 in the Maldives. The two have two sons who were born in November 2019 and December 2020. Oliver Pocher also has three other children from his marriage to Alessandra Meyer-Wölden (37).