Amira + Oliver Pocher: burglary while putting the children to bed

Amira + Oliver Pocher
Burglary while they were putting the kids to bed

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A few days ago, Amira Pocher worried her fans when she spoke in tears in an Instagram story. Now she and husband Oliver Pocher are solving what had happened: the couple was broken into – while they were at home with the children.

At the beginning of the week, Amira Pocher, 29, upset her fans with a cryptic message in her Instagram story. She was “a little down” and “so disappointed in society,” she reported, among other things. A little later she packed her suitcase and went on vacation with her husband Oliver Pocher, 43, and her family. In a new episode of their podcast “Die Pochers hier!” The comedian and the presenter now report what terrible event they had been dealing with in the last few days.

Burglary at Amira and Oliver Pocher

“We were broken into or got in almost exactly a week ago. Someone or more climbed over the garage and in through the window while we were at home with the children,” says Amira, still shocked. “Well, it must have happened really quickly. We have a time window where we can tell that there was nobody on the first or second floor, but the children were getting ready for bed downstairs. And during this time, a slot 15 minutes, that must have happened.”

Worrying statement on Instagram

The burglary happened between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., adds Oliver Pocher. “Someone must have had nerves – while he heard that people were there,” he too is stunned by the incident, which initially went unnoticed for a while. “We noticed that very late. Only when I got ready for bed,” the 29-year-old recalls. “And then I suddenly see my jewelry boxes lying empty on the bed.”

Amira Pocher: “Incredibly scary”

The windows were all closed, everything was secured, she lists. When they discovered where the burglars had gained entry, they called the police. “This little asshole,” she rants, “besides the material value, it’s just incredibly scary to know that that person or those people wouldn’t shy away from going into a house where they know people are there.”

Much worse, however, is the fear for the two sons: “I can no longer leave the children alone in the room. I no longer let them sleep alone, I have set up a number of cameras.”

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