Amira Pocher: “I’m annoyed by my own stupidity”

Amira Pocher
“I’m annoyed by my own stupidity”

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The star news of the day in the GALA ticker: Amira Pocher was ripped off +++ Sabine Lisicki gives an honest pregnancy update +++ Moritz Bleibtreu shares a snapshot with his Saskia.

The star news of the day in the GALA ticker

April 23, 2024

Amira Pocher: “I’m annoyed by my own stupidity”

Amira Pocher, 31, tells her brother Hima Aly, 33, in their joint podcast “Liebes Leben” (exclusively on Podimo) about an extremely unpleasant situation that she recently got into. In short: The ex of comedian Oliver Pocher, 46, was ripped off. “Something stupid happened to me,” she begins the story.

Three men rang her doorbell and at first glance seemed very friendly and professional. They worked for Amira’s neighbors and also offered to clear moss from her driveway. The gentlemen found Amira Pocher, who was in a mood of departure, at a weak, inopportune moment and so she initially agreed and handed the topic over to her housekeeper. The household help then called her celebrity boss and explained to her that the men would estimate 3,600 euros. “That was a rip-off,” Pocher then realized, but unfortunately only afterwards. But since it was so difficult for her to say no, she agreed to a slightly cheaper price, but it was still immense. The gentlemen also managed to avoid paying a proper bill and Amira Pocher ultimately paid the sum in cash. “I’m broke now,” she half-jokingly admits in the podcast, admitting: “I’m annoyed by my own stupidity.”

Amira Pocher probably had to pay a lot of money.

April 2, 2024

Sabine Lisicki gives an honest pregnancy update

A few weeks ago, OIiver Pochers, 46, ex-girlfriend Sabine Lisicki, 34, surprised the tennis world and her fans with her first pregnancy. The professional athlete announced the sweet baby news on Instagram. Now she took to the social platform again to give an honest update on her condition. The tennis player spoke mainly about the physical changes in a clip, which she also commented on. “Pregnancy is really not easy,” admits the 34-year-old. She has to deal with “ups and downs”. “Days are often overshadowed by fatigue and discomfort. I sleep a lot more than usual, but have a lot less energy,” says Lisicki. Therefore, her nights are currently “anything but restful”.

She still has to learn to cope with it because she actually wants to stand on the tennis court and train full of energy during the day. She still finds it difficult to accept that this is not always possible. “Nevertheless, I’m working on acceptance and keeping the gratitude in the foreground for being able to experience this journey,” Sabine Lisicki concludes her posting.

Moritz Bleibtreu: He posts a sweet picture with his wife Saskia

The successful German actor Moritz Bleibtreu, 52, has been married to his wife Saskia since July 2022. The woman from Hamburg, who is 20 years her junior, mostly stays out of the public eye and does not have a social media account. Now Bleibtreu shares a rare selfie with his loved one on Instagram. Dressed smartly, the two beam into the camera. “That’s what happiness is. Thank you for everything, my heart!” writes the actor. “You can see the happiness in your eyes,” is one fan’s comment, and everyone else seems to be delighted by the two of them.

In October 2021, Moritz Bleibtreu confirmed his love for his Saskia, who works as a key account manager at Shell. “She is a strong woman who helps me a lot,” he revealed a year later in an interview with GALA after the two got married in July in Reinbek near Hamburg. Bleibtreu also thinks it’s a good thing that his wife doesn’t want to be in public. She only accompanies him on a few occasions. Moritz Bleibtreu’s son David, born in 2008, comes from a previous relationship.

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