Amira Pocher: She has her old tattoos removed

Amira Pocher
She has her old tattoos removed

Amira Pocher regrets some of her tattoos.

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Amira Pocher gives her followers on Instagram an insight into her painful tattoo removal.

Amira Pocher (28) seems to have had enough of some of her tattoos. At the request of their fans shows them on Instagramwhich parts of the body she had already lasered away her works of art.

The wife of comedian Oliver Pocher (43) is often asked about her tattoo removal, she reveals in her Instagram story. A tattoo on the left side of her neck and an ace on her left ring finger have now been completely removed, as shown in photos.

A video recording also shows how a star motif is lasered away. “It is not only expensive to have these things removed, but also extremely painful!”, She comments on the event. “If a few young people are watching me – please think about it very, very well!”, She appeals to her followers.

A tattoo is “too embarrassing” for Amira Pocher

The 28-year-old shows her biggest “project” on her thigh, however, only covered with a plaster. Because the motif is “too embarrassing” for her to present it publicly.

Pocher justifies the decision to have her tattoos removed by stating that she has changed as a person and that her tattoos do not reflect this. She now feels uncomfortable with some of the permanent motifs on her skin. “I’ll keep two of my tattoos,” she explains. “Because they have meaning and are forever and just fit.”