Amira Pocher: The new baby bump photo not only inspires her fans

Amira Pocher's new baby bump photo triggers a wave of enthusiasm. The 28-year-old rarely shows herself in such skin-tight clothes.

Amira Pocher (28) surprises her fans in a skin-tight one-shoulder dress. The wife of comedian Oliver Pocher (42), who usually has a more casual style, is now showing a different side on Instagram – and with a skilfully staged baby bump. The reactions speak for themselves.

Black fabric envelops the pregnancy curves of the expectant mother of two. Seldom has the 28-year-old emphasized her growing baby bump in public as deliberately as in the black and white snapshot by photographer Sebastian Schueler. One hand on her hip, the other lovingly on her stomach. Both celebrity friends and fans of Amira Pocher are enthusiastic about so much elegance.

Much praise for the "power woman"

"Jesus, you beautiful mother," writes Lilly Becker (44) about the photo. Model and presenter Rebecca Mir (28) as well as Jana Ina Zarrella (43) and RTL presenter Jana Azizi (31) seem to have the same opinion. Even ex-"Bachelor" Sebastian Preuss (30) left the 28-year-old two appreciative smileys. In the meantime, the fan comments unanimously read: "Crazy, how can you be so pretty?", "Power woman!" or "What a great, aesthetic photo! You look great!"