Amira Pocher: This is how she manages children and careers


Amira Pocher
Podcaster and mom of two! This is how you manage the balance

Amira Pocher

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Amira Pocher has only been a mother of two for a few weeks. In December she and her husband Oliver Pocher became parents again. Still, Amira is currently working on her own podcast.

Amira Pocher, 28, currently has not just two, but actually four babies that she has to look after. In addition to her two children, who she has with comedian Oliver Pocher, 43, the presenter is not only working on one, no, on two podcasts. In an interview with RTL, Amira revealed how it works.

Actually, her latest job – the podcast "Hey Amira!" – been a project that she could bring to life wonderfully on the side. "I sit at home in pajamas, with my headphones on, and talk to people on the phone with whom I really enjoy talking anyway," explains the 28-year-old, completely relaxed. She can feed her youngest son, who is only eight weeks old, undisturbed. Olli is responsible for the second rascal. "Well, the big one is a bit louder, (…) but then Dad takes a quick walk with him or whatever, then everything will work."

Amira Pocher relies on Olli's support

In this regard, she can fully rely on the support of her husband. Amira also shows again and again on Instagram how lovingly Oliver Pocher takes care of her. Whether it is bringing her favorite meal or a small midnight snack that he prepares for her.

Only when it comes to podcasts, Amira now wants to start away from her husband. With "Hey Amira!" she would like to address topics for which her husband has so far had no understanding or simply no interest.

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