Amira Pocher: This is how she masters her everyday life as a mom and “Let’s Dance” star

In an interview, Amira Pocher reveals how she is currently doing her everyday life as a mother, “Let’s Dance” candidate, presenter and businesswoman.

Amira Pocher (29) is currently available every Friday for the RTL dance show “Let’s Dance” (also at RTL+) on stage. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Oliver Pocher’s (44) wife explains how she assesses her previous performances and what has changed physically for her since the start of the show. She also tells how she masters her everyday life between dance training, being a mom and presenting “Prominent!” and reveals why she recently launched her own UV nail polish brand.

How has the journey been for you so far on “Let’s Dance”?

Amira Pocher: The time with “Let’s Dance” so far has been very good and I enjoy it a lot. Surprisingly, I got along very well with the intensive training times and am very surprised that it is so compatible with my everyday life.

Would you do the show again if you knew what to expect?

Pocher: I’m positively surprised and would do it again at any time. I’m most amazed at myself for learning the choreography and everything so quickly. It’s a lot of fun and I’m very proud of myself.

How has your body changed since training?

Pocher: I’ve lost three to four kilos. Those were the last pounds left over from my pregnancy. So I fit back into my old clothes. And my condition has gotten much better.

How did you experience the many corona cases among your fellow campaigners, did that spoil the mood behind the scenes?

Pocher: I experienced the season with Oli back then: there were family members and children behind the stage, we ate and laughed together in the lounge. Everything is currently empty here. Unfortunately, that’s the catch with this season. Because of Corona and all the regulations, you can’t grow together like that. It’s really annoying, but I don’t have any other solution either. Fortunately, we currently have no more cases. Maybe we’ll all manage to stay corona-free until the final.

How much has your mom’s everyday life changed as a result of “Let’s Dance”?

Pocher: For me, taking part in “Let’s Dance” was a big challenge. I’m a mother hen and I never wanted to be away from the kids for more than three or four hours at a time. The prerequisite was that we could manage the timing well.

At one point I thought: The children are now at an age where they would have been in kindergarten long ago anyway. At the time, other children had already been in the day-care center for a year. Not mine because I liked having them at home. It’s nothing different than when other moms return to their jobs at the end of their parental leave. That’s why I’m not a bad mom, I’m going through these few weeks now. During the training I focus completely on “Let’s Dance”, vice versa, at home I am completely there for the family. I also try to always schedule my appointments in the evening after the kids are in bed. This way I can really enjoy the time I have with the children. That’s how it works.

What do your children get from your participation, do they watch your performances?

Pocher: They can’t speak that much yet, but they say: “Mom, dance, again” (laughs). The big one is really fascinated, sits there with his mouth open and wonders why his mom is dancing when she is sitting next to him. That’s very sweet.

You are also a presenter and a businesswoman. How do you currently manage your everyday life?

Pocher: My day starts very early. The little one gets up at six o’clock, shakes me and says: “Mom up”. (laughs) I wanted to start training early in the first place so I could be home after my kids’ naps and have quality time with them for the remaining hours they’re awake. I put the rest of things like phone calls, podcast recordings or cosmetic appointments at 7 p.m. or later, when the little ones are in bed. Sometimes I have to work a night shift because my children don’t really sleep through the night yet.

I think fixed working hours are very important, even if you are self-employed. I consistently separate work and family. When I’m at home, I put the cell phone away and play with my children at eye level. I then exchange the dance costume for a baggy look and a mommy bun. For me, it’s a matter of organization: one hour I’m a businesswoman, then I’m a mom.

Do you also need time for yourself or do you like to be fully engaged?

Pocher: No, I don’t need any extra time for myself. I prefer to spend my free time with my children. I’m not like I need two hours of massage or spa, not at all. I’d rather trade an hour of wellness for an hour of play in the children’s room.

How did you make your debut with “Prominent!” experienced and how do you feel as a moderator in front of the camera?

Pocher: I feel very comfortable with “Prominent”. At the beginning it was of course a challenge to get used to this new role of “moderator” and to let my personal touch flow in. The team and I are on the right track and I work on myself with every show and would like to develop further.

As a business woman, you recently launched your own nail polish. How did the idea come about and how did you get there?

Pocher: I was never satisfied after visits to the nail salon and that’s why I started painting my nails myself. About five years ago I discovered UV nail polish for myself, but didn’t find the perfect brand. In addition, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, cosmetics is my passion and I thought to myself: This fits perfectly now! I wanted the best quality, long lasting. It was important to me that it was very highly pigmented. I think I’ve succeeded with my brand “Fayble” UV nail polishes. I was in the factory, I was on site and I looked at what was super interesting. The bottles of my products are also wrapped and wrapped by hand. Everything is made with a lot of attention to detail. I’m very, very proud and I get asked about my nails all the time.


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