Amira Pocher: This is how you go after the emergency caesarean section

Amira Pocher
"In any case, it is currently still a disaster"

Amira Pocher

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Oliver and Amira Pocher became parents again at the end of 2020. Now they talked about their everyday life with their baby – and Amira in particular was ruthlessly honest.

Shortly after Christmas, Amira, 28, and Oliver Pocher, 42, became parents of a boy again. However, the birth of their second child together was anything but easy. There were complications and the baby had to be brought in by emergency caesarean section – luckily everything went well. But how is the mother of two doing now?

Amira Pocher: The nights are especially hard for the mother of two

"I'm feeling much better," she says this week in the new episode of her podcast "Die Pochers hier!", Which she is doing together with her husband Oliver. "Now I can do things normally again. Relatively pain-free too," she continues. However, the nights are still pretty hard, but that's normal. As usual, Amira speaks openly about the problems with a newborn: "I don't know when it last waned or got better. In any case, it is currently still a disaster, ”said the 28-year-old honestly.

Oliver Pocher: "I slept wonderfully"

Unlike Amira, Oli doesn't notice anything of the "catastrophic" nights. "I slept great," he teased his wife on the podcast. "If the little one wasn't in my arms now, I would pull one down for you," threatens the Austrian, half joking.

But the comedian has an excuse for not being able to help his loved one at the moment. "My job with the child is currently difficult to understand. As long as I have no breast and milk production, I can only intervene at the moment when the bottle is added," says Olis.

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