Amira Pocher: This is your miracle cure for anti-aging

Amira Pocher
She shows her miracle cure for anti-aging


Amira Pocher is currently spending the night with two small children. This should also have an impact on their skin. However, against the first signs of aging, the podcaster has a good tip in store.

At 29, Amira Pocher is not yet one of the classic target group for anti-anging products, but Oliver Pocher’s wife, 43, seems to be preparing herself and her skin for it. First signs of aging? The all-rounder really doesn’t feel like doing that. And so she cannot do without a beauty product.

Amira Pocher shows her magic bullet against skin aging

On Instagram, Amira Pocher is available to her followers: inside questions and answers, answers many topics that interest her fans. She was also asked about anti-aging and found a clear answer. In her stories she shows her magic bullet against skin aging: sun protection. A very specific one.

Amira would never leave the house without sun protection

Amira would never leave the house without sun protection


She posts a photo of the gel and writes the word “sun protection” several times to make it clear how important it is to start early. At least as important: use sun protection every day, even if the sun is not shining directly. Not only beauty experts have been preaching this for years, it also seems to be important for Amira to educate her followers about it. “Even in winter, sun protection is incredibly important because the sun shines there too,” writes the 29-year-old and adds: “Protection from UVA and UVB rays is the best anti-aging.” She herself has recognized the importance of adequate protection for the skin and apparently adheres strictly to it, at least there are no wrinkles on her face.

Much stress cannot harm her

Amira is currently struggling with the condition of her skin, after all, she has two small children, soon her own TV show, a podcast and has to deal with the fact that her family home is practically a construction site after the flood disaster and is currently uninhabitable is. Quite a lot of ballast that Amira is just lugging around with her.

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