Amira Pocher: Throwback picture from pregnancy inspires fans

Amira Pocher
Throwback picture from pregnancy thrilled fans

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Amira Pocher shows herself in a wow look on a photo that was taken during her pregnancy. She gets a lot of praise from her followers.

With this photo, Amira Pocher, 28, is currently thrilling her fans: The wife of comedian Oliver Pocher, 42, posted a throwback photo from her pregnancy. She wears an apricot-colored dress on it, under which a baby bump can already be seen. But only a very small one, because Amira is in the photo just in the 16th week of pregnancy, as she reveals.

Your followers are definitely blown away and comment on the picture with compliments "how can you look so good ?!" and "beautiful and strong woman".

Amira Pocher needed an emergency c-section

The birth of Amiras and Olli's second son in December was not entirely without complications. The child had to be brought in by an emergency caesarean section after the 28-year-old suffered from severe labor. Only after the birth did she find out from the doctors that her uterus had ruptured. But Amira quickly got better, shortly after the operation, the mother of two was again sitting with her husband in front of the microphone for their joint podcast "The Pochers here!" she told.

Child number six for Oliver Pocher?

Maybe the throwback photo is a prophecy for 2021? Oliver Pocher just can't get enough and is already dreaming of child number three – for him even child number six. With ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden, 37, Olli already has a daughter, 10, and twin sons, 9. "Two were always my plan, just not that close together. Oli is already talking about the third child. And he always pulls me to the fact that I will be pregnant again in 2021 anyway, "jokes Amira at" Bild ".

But first you need time for yourself to get used to the dual role of mother.

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