Amira Pocher: Will she and her husband Oli have a third child?

Amira Pocher
Will she and her husband Oli have a third child together?

Amira and Oliver Pocher

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The second son of Amira Pocher and Oliver Pocher is only a few days old, when the couple is apparently already discussing another offspring.

Oliver Pocher, 42, now has five children, but it seems that the comedian can also imagine a sixth. In an interview with "Bild", his wife Amira Pocher, 28, reveals that further offspring is already an issue.

Is Amira Pocher going to be mom for the third time soon?

Shortly after Christmas, the second offspring of Oliver and Amira Pocher saw the light of day and made son number one their big brother. The new mom can't quite believe her happiness with the second child – especially because there were complications during the birth. She says she was preoccupied with fears even before the birth. She was worried about asking whether she could do justice to two children and whether she could love her second child just as much as her first. Is there even room for a third one? For Oli, things seem clear.

"Oli wants a third child"

When asked whether two children are enough, Amira Pocher gives an interesting answer:

Two were always my plan, just not so close together. Oli is already talking about the third child. And he always teases me that I'll be pregnant again in 2021 anyway.

Apparently, the 28-year-old doesn't have too much to say when it comes to family planning … But while Oli is already dreaming of baby number three, Amira just wants some time for herself.

Amira takes time

Another Pocher offspring does not seem to be excluded. But it shouldn't go as fast as with the second child, says Amira: "I want to give myself some time to get used to this dual motherhood – and I'd like to have my body to myself again for the time being. A third is so not excluded, but certainly not in the near future. "

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