Amira Pocher with psychologist: “I owed that to my children”

Make-up artist, moderator, podcaster and now founder: universal talent Amira Pocher has launched her first UV nail polish line FAYBLE. The GALA interview is as versatile as she is, which, in addition to beauty, also deals with panic attacks, raising children, negative relationship comments and “Let’s Dance”.

Amira Pocher, 29, had never found the perfect nail polish. So she quickly joined forces with specialists and experts and developed her own UV nail polish line FAYBLE. Whether it’s raising her children, dealing with her “Let’s Dance” dance partner Massimo Sinató, 41, or in terms of mental health: comedian Oliver Pocher’s wife, 44, knows what she wants and if there’s a problem, go look at it, as the trained make-up artist quickly reveals in the GALA interview.

Amira Pocher: She could never do without these beauty products

GALA: You founded the company AM22 with your very good friend Uwe, who brings the expertise with him, and on April 8, 2022 your own UV nail polish line FAYBLE was released. Why exactly this product?
Amira Pocher: I was never satisfied after visits to the nail salon, so I started painting my nails myself. About five years ago I discovered UV nail polish for myself, but didn’t find the perfect brand. In addition, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, cosmetics is my passion and I thought to myself: This fits perfectly now!

Do you have a favorite FAYBLE nail polish color?
In the course of product development, I tested my way through the colors in a factory and was allowed to mix them myself. Then I came across a beautiful bright red. Since then I’ve only worn the color.

Amira Pocher developing FAYBLE in a factory.

Amira Pocher developing FAYBLE in a factory.


What beauty products could you never do without?
Clearly my nail polish! I had to say that now. (laughs) Then definitely a hand cream, my serum for the face, my face cream, my eye cream and my concealer must not be missing. I have extreme dark circles. What I always carry with me are: hand cream, lip balm and deodorant.

You are very active on Instagram, have many followers who like to rate you. Even your eyebrows have been criticized.
Now I can smile about it. The topic was fun too. It was my eyebrows that were styled a little differently. Not any extra added. What can I do for my eyebrows!? People weren’t being mean, they were just giving their honest opinions, but you can overdo it. (laughs)

Amira was annoyed by statements like “Without Oliver Pocher you would be nothing”

Are there any comments that annoy you?
At first I was annoyed by statements like “You wouldn’t be anything without Oliver Pocher” or “You just have to marry a well-known man and you can take part in ‘Let’s Dance'”. It annoys me that people don’t see that behind it. When I still I wasn’t in public and had a designer handbag, I was accused of letting a man hold me. Now I buy these things myself and they say: Without your husband you wouldn’t have all this. What do you want from me? Decide you guys! (laughs)

I am well aware that my husband gives me many opportunities.

Oli supports me and believed in me right from the start. He was the first to see potential in me. I am very grateful to him for that. That’s why I don’t deny that I’m able to try out certain things thanks to him. But that’s nothing negative.

On April 8, 2022, Amira Pocher's first UV nail polish line FAYBLE was released.  In addition to the base coat (primer coat) and top coat (glossy coat), there are currently several colors that can be purchased individually or as a special edition box in the online shop.

On April 8, 2022, Amira Pocher’s first UV nail polish line FAYBLE was released. In addition to base coat (primer coat) and top coat (glossy coat), there are currently several colors available individually or as a special edition box to purchase in the online shop.

© Oliver Rudolph

You wouldn’t get as many requests if you couldn’t do anything either…
I agree! There have been many women with even better-known men for whom it didn’t work. You have to bring something with you, be diligent and want it.

With all the public criticism – including your appearance: would you have something done to yourself?
I would be extremely afraid that it would change my face. I’m very happy with my lips, with my nose, I like my eyes, my eyebrows. In short: I am very happy with my face. The only thing I had done was my teeth, which were corrected.

Amira has overcome panic attacks: “I owed that to my children”

In the podcast with your husband, you spoke several times about your panic attacks that came up in the tunnel or on the plane. Have you gotten over the panic now?
I actually managed to get over the panic. I owed that to my children. It all started with pregnancy. It was at its worst when I was breastfeeding and they were very young. Ever since the children were born, my husband always wanted to fly away, but we couldn’t do that because of me.

So I got psychological help. I wanted to be the old Amira again, the one who flies around the world with Oli and now shows her little ones the world. I did it.

It also had to do with the cords being cut off from my children. The more I broke away from them, left them with dad and grandma or went to work, the worse my panic got.

I even went through a tunnel yesterday that would have given me a panic attack six months ago and nothing happened.

What nice progress!
I’m also very proud of myself.

You dance professionally at many weddings. Do you manage to keep your work-life balance?
I’m constantly asked: “Amira, how do you do it? Get an assistant. This can’t go on like this”. I don’t have a single free minute. But my participation in ‘Let’s Dance’ is temporary. I made a conscious decision to do this and said: I’ll be under stress for the next few weeks, we’ll get through it.

What’s your day like?
My day starts very early. The little one gets up at six o’clock, shakes me and says: “Mom up”. (laughs) I wanted to start the ‘Let’s Dance’ training early from the start so I could be home after my kids’ naps and have quality time with them the rest of the hours they are awake. I put the rest of things like phone calls, podcast recordings or cosmetic appointments at 7 p.m. or later, when the little ones are in bed. Sometimes I have to work a night shift because my children don’t really sleep through the night yet.

“I’m a little helicopter mom”

How would you describe yourself as a mother?
I’m very affectionate, but I’m also a little helicopter mom.

I’m constantly afraid of not having enough time for my children, counting the hours and wondering if today was enough. That’s a problem I have to work out on my own.

What do you value in education?
Gratitude, self-confidence and humor are very important to me. I want my children to grow up to be honest, loyal and empathetic people. I wish that they get along well with each other and find a basis of friendship and that mom will always be the best. (laughs)

After the first “Let’s Dance” show, you started as a favorite. However, in the second show, salsa only got 14 points. Some fans lacked the chemistry between you and Massimo. what happened there?
I had a wild card and was able to try a little more. That’s what we did. The dance was very demanding, very fast and I was very nervous. It didn’t quite work out the way we had imagined. It wasn’t because of our chemistry. But I still think we deserved more than 14 points.

Amira speaks plainly about the relationship with Massimo Sinató

You are now considered a favorite again. How did chemistry come back to the parquet?
I was thrown in at the deep end, someone stranger, that is Massimo, was put at my side, with whom I spend eight hours a day, who touches me and hugs me. We had to warm up to each other first. But that wasn’t up to Massimo. I’ve heard others say we don’t like each other. But I think we behaved like two grown-ups.

I’ve never understood how people hug each other on ‘Let’s Dance’. Neither does Massimo. we are both married There is no reason for me to jump at him with a running start and legs apart.

Are you intimidated by the sometimes harsh jury criticism?
No, for me it’s more like a surprise egg every time. In the last few weeks I have learned that there is a great deal of leeway between the perception of others and one’s own. (laughs)

Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató on the 15th season of the RTL show "let's dance"

Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató on the 15th season of the RTL show “Let’s Dance”

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Is there competitive pressure behind the scenes?
I don’t feel any competitive pressure yet. It is said that this is more likely to happen from the quarter-finals onwards. As far as I can tell, there is still a very harmonious coexistence among everyone. But I’m not in the clique either, I haven’t stayed in the neighboring hotel, I don’t have breakfast with them or sit at the bar, but drive straight home. They also have insiders that I no longer understand. (laughs)

The mother of two lost so much with “Let’s Dance”.

How has your body changed through the show?
I’ve lost three to four kilos. Those were the last few pounds left over from my pregnancy. So I fit back into my old clothes. And my condition has gotten much better.

Are there other foods on your menu now?
No, I exercise so I can eat. For me, eating is a pleasure. I don’t eat any differently now than before. Maybe I forget to eat sometimes because of the stress, but not consciously.

What is your absolute favorite dish?
Goulash with spaetzle and duck with dumplings and red cabbage.


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