“Among Us”: Anna Julia Antonucci returns to the series after 14 years

“Among us”
Anna Julia Antonucci returns to the series after 14 years

Lars Steinhövel and Anna Julia Antonucci get along brilliantly behind the scenes.

© RTL / Sebastian Meyer

After 14 years, Anna Julia Antonucci (38) returns to “Unter uns”. From 2008 to 2010, the actress appeared as Charlotte Sommer in the RTL series. At that time she still went by her maiden name, Anna Julia Kapfelsperger. Now she will slip back into her role from back then for a guest appearance that will be broadcast in May, as RTL announced on Wednesday.

Antonucci compares her return after so many years to a “journey into the past, which is nice and also makes me a bit melancholic,” she tells the station. Since she now also works as a producer, she now sees many things on the set of “Unter Uns” with different eyes. Then as now, she was passionate about the film industry. “I’m looking forward to the next time when I can shake things up a bit.”

Harmonious reunion behind the scenes

Fellow actor Lars Steinhöfel (38) is also happy about the surprising comeback. He plays Charlotte’s ex-partner Ingo “Easy” Winter in the series. “I’ve wanted Anna-Julia to come back to me for a long time,” he said. “Whether it’s text work or interpersonal matters, we simply swim on the same wave.” The two seem to agree on that. “After all these years, we’re still on the same wavelength. And we also pass balls to each other on set – it’s a lot of fun,” says Antonucci.

The reunion between Easy and Charlotte could also be emotional in front of the camera. The two got married in Las Vegas a few years ago. Charlotte later went to the States to start a career as a dancer. The relationship fell apart. “Charlotte has definitely had some wild and not particularly easy times,” revealed Antonucci. She has changed, but through her visit to Schillerallee she realizes what is important in life.


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