Among Us: Hide n Seek Mode, what is it?

After many months of waiting, the players ofAmong Us were finally able to benefit from a major update. This brings, in particular, a new mode to the cooperative game, which allows players to get interested again. But to know everything about hide-and-seek modewe deliver all its details.

Hide n Seek mode in Among Us

Innersloth has indeed released a major update, finally making available this hide-and-seek mode, which players had already been able to enjoy through a mod. This one is quite simple and changes a few rules, which is why it is important to take stock, so as not to start a game without having understood everything.

Unlike the classic mode, there will be no bluffing here, since the roles are known before the start of the game. The only objective is to survive for the crewmates, and to kill the whole crew for the impostor, who isn’t really one here.

The objective of the crewmates is to complete tasks to speed up the endgame timer, and prevent the impostor from killing them. To carry out their mission, an indicator on the screen indicates the level of danger in relation to the killer, but also the air ducts. The Imposter, on the other hand, has limited vision, but must kill all the crewmates to claim victory.. Just before the end of the time, his speed is increased, and a special map allows him to more or less locate the survivors.

In short, here Among Us Hide and Seek rules :

  • Limited game time.
  • The roles are known before the start, there is no meeting.
  • Crewmates must survive and complete tasks to make time run faster.
  • They can use the vents to hide from the impostor.
  • The impostor must eliminate the entire crew.
  • The impostor has a reduced field of vision.
  • At the end of the game, the impostor gets a speed boost and other bonuses (better vision, hint on the location of the crew).

Regarding the settings, you can choose who is the impostor at the start of the game, so that everyone can take advantage of this role, or leave it in random mode.

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