Ampoule found – Boxing: Doping is suspected after a mass brawl!

After the mass brawl in the boxing ring at Vienna’s Steffl Arena during Mansur Elsaev’s European Championship title fight against Carlos Lamela, the next bombshell burst: As the “Krone” learned, a suspicious ampoule is said to have been found in Lamela’s wardrobe. The EBU is now investigating a possible doping offense.

The Viennese boxer Elsaev actually went into the ring as the favorite. But what followed was anything but an “easy game”: Lamela, who was born in Cuba and boxed in Spain, challenged the Chechen native for eleven rounds until the knockout in the twelfth round. The coach handed out a “slap”, then tumult followed. Lamela’s victory celebration – he is said to have thrown his hands up and cheered next to his seriously injured opponent, who was covered in blood (frowned upon in boxing) – caused emotions to boil over. Elsaev’s coach Isaak Kosashvili admitted to the “Krone” that he then “gave the winner a slap.” What followed was pandemonium in the ring. The defeated Mansur Elsaev, who had not previously lost a professional fight, is currently recovering in hospital from a concussion, and his hand and nose are also broken. Shortly after the fight, voices were raised questioning how Lamela, who was actually considered to be less strong, was able to wreak such havoc on the European Championship title favorite Elsaev. Ampoule found in wardrobe Now the next big thing in the case followed. Because as the “Krone” learned, a suspicious ampoule was found in the winner’s wardrobe. Lamela had to go for a doping control, but the result won’t be available for a few weeks. Manuel Traxler, chairman of the Golden Boy Show, the organizer of the fight, confirmed that there was a doping investigation “since substances may have been involved.” The European Boxing Union (EBU) will evaluate this, the result will be awaited. The coach of the defeated Elsaev also confirmed that a doping test was carried out on Carlos Lamela – although this is normal procedure in a boxing title fight. Authorities are already paying attention Shortly after the fight, postings appeared on social networks that linked Lamela to illegal substances – of course, the presumption of innocence applies here. However: As we learned on Sunday evening, the usually well-informed Federal Criminal Police Office is already interested in the suspected doping case…
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