Amy Schumer: She had to have her uterus and appendix removed

Amy Schumer
She had to have her uterus and appendix removed

Amy Schumer suffered severe pain from tissue overgrowth outside the uterus.

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Amy Schumer repeatedly suffers from endometriosis. Now she had to have her uterus and appendix surgically removed.

Amy Schumer (40, “Dating Queen”) repeatedly suffers from severe pain due to endometriosis. The disease, in which tissue similar to that inside the uterus proliferates on the outside, now even ensured that she had to undergo an operation. Doctors removed her uterus and appendix.

“If you have very painful periods, you could suffer from endometriosis,” wrote the US actress on Saturday (September 18) on Instagram to a photo and video showing her in surgical clothing in the hospital. In the clip, she reveals that she had had an operation the night before. Her doctor “found 30 spots with endometriosis” that he removed – as well as the appendix, which was already affected.

US comedian had “a lot, a lot of blood” in her uterus

The 40-year-old comedian also reports that there was previously “a lot, a lot of blood” in her uterus and that she feels “sore”. She also continued to be in pain the day after the procedure.

In the comment line under Schumer’s Post there are numerous wishes for wellbeing, including from celebrity friends. For example, “Will & Grace” star Debra Messing (53) wrote: “Oh my goodness, 30 ?! I am glad that they are gone now and that you no longer have this pain.” Her friend should “heal well”.

In the hospital, husband Chris Fischer (41) woke up at Schumer’s side. The couple, who married in 2018, have a son. Gene David Fischer was born in May 2019 via caesarean section.


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