Amy Winehouse: Your father Mitch wants to prevent a new film about you

Amy Winehouse
Her father Mitch wants to prevent a new film about her

Amy Winehouse at the MTV Movie Awards in 2007.

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Ten years after the death of Amy Winehouse, a new film about the singer is to be produced. Your father wants to prevent the project.

Ten years after her death, a new biopic about Amy Winehouse (1983-2011) is to be produced. The film “Saving Amy” by Daphne Barak from 2010 is said to be the basis for the film. But Mitch Winehouse (70), the father of the late singer, opposes the project. It is “100 percent not allowed”, explains Winehouse the US celebrity portal “TMZ”.

As the industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter” had previously reported, Halcyon Studios are supposed to work on the biopic together with Barak, who is supposed to be on board as executive producer. Her book is based, among other things, on around 40 hours of film material and exclusive photos.

Another project in planning

No permission has yet been obtained for the announced production of Halcyon Studios, not even from Barak. He was not contacted, explains Mitch Winehouse. According to him, Universal Music has not yet received a request regarding the rights to music from Winehouse. Barak, in turn, claims, according to “TMZ”, that she has all the necessary permits.

Instead, they already have plans for their own, authorized biopic, which should start shooting in the coming year, says Mitch Winehouse. Universal and a large production company in Great Britain, which is not named, are involved.