An AI will replace 217 employees in a French company

The company Onclusive based in Courbevoie announces that it will replace 217 of its employees with artificial intelligence by June 2024. This will lead to the closure of 3 entire departments.

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We thought it only happened to other people, but no. Since the time that theimpact of artificial intelligence on employment occupies the news, it was to be expected. However, it is not for lack of warning: the boss of OpenAI, at the origin of ChatGPT, himself said that AI was going to take people’s jobs. In terms of numbers, Goldman Sachs speaks of 300 million workers threatened all the same. Unfortunately, we didn’t have to wait long for the predictions to come true.

The first testimonies of employees replaced by an AI are also chilling. And now, France is concretely affected by the phenomenon. The company Onclusive from Courbevoie goes eliminate 217 positions to use artificial intelligence in their place. In total, 3 entire services will close. The international firm employs 383 people in the country, so it will separate approximately 57% of its workforce.

In France, a company separates 217 employees to replace it with AI

Onclusive is a company specializing in media monitoring. Those affected by the replacement are responsible for carrying out press reviews for companies and institutions customers. By June 2024 at the latest, an AI will be responsible for finding and gathering the data. For the company, this is about ensuring “a more reliable and faster service”. Employees of course do not see it that way and a staff representative believes that “intellectual professions will be threatened in the future”.

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At the start of the year, the founders of ChatGPT published a list of professions that will never be replaced by artificial intelligence. Not exhaustive, it does not necessarily reassure. At Onclusive, Matthew Piercy, financial director, promises that “a company specializing in reclassification will be consulted to offer each person concerned tailor-made solutions”. We do not know the conditions put in place by the company to ensure the transition. Several negotiation meetings concerning the safeguard plan will take place in the days and weeks to come.

Source: France Info

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