an allowance to encourage general medicine interns to go to the least equipped areas

The arbitration eventually fell. The details of the fourth year of study, promised by the government to general medicine interns, are now known. The Minister of Health, François Braun, clarified, Monday, June 12, the contours of this additional year, which remains rejected by the main interested parties. This announcement comes in the midst of a debate on medical deserts in the National Assembly, with the arrival in the hemicycle of the bill of the deputy Horizons Frédéric Valletoux.

As planned, the incentive was selected for this year, which should in particular make it possible to fight against medical deserts, with the establishment of financial support for young general practitioners who choose to join these territories with the fewest doctors. That is about 40% of the country, now classified as a deficit zone. “I really believe in this positive method that is ours”defended François Braun, once again dismissing coercion as being a “Totally counterproductive remedy”.

Campaign promise from candidate Emmanuel Macron, this fourth year of internship for general practitioners – the only specialty which has so far only had three years – had to register “in priority” in under-dense areas, according to the expression used by the government in the 2023 Social Security financing bill adopted in the fall. A report on the subject, commissioned at the time from four specialists representing teachers, interns and doctors – Nanou Pham, Stéphane Oustric, Olivier Saint-Lary and Mathilde Renker – was submitted to François Braun on Monday.

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None of the multiple structures interviewed representing territories came out in favor of the coercion of studentsnoted the authors, who made twenty-five detailed proposals, largely followed by the minister. Under no circumstances may young people be sent alone to areas without doctors. Fourth-year internships should encourage future practitioners to settle in the territory. »

Two six-month internships

From 2023, the approximately 3,600 interns in general medicine will therefore follow, at the end of their first three years of internship, two six-month internships as “junior doctor”. Not in the hospital, as in other specialties, but on an outpatient basis, in a doctor’s office, under the authority of a university internship supervisor. And if they choose to exercise in “under-dense zone”, they will receive additional compensation of approximately 400 euros. Their overall remuneration may rise to a ceiling of 4,500 euros net per month, said the Ministry of Health.

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