An elected official from a Beaujolais village knocks down a pedestrian on his way home from the conscripts’ ball and flees

The gendarmerie investigation made it possible to trace the suspect despite his hit and run. Unclesam /

A deputy mayor of Fleurie, in the north of the Rhône department, will appear in court in September for involuntary injury aggravated by hit and run and failure to assist a person in danger.

Le Figaro Lyon

A ball of conscripts which skids in the Beaujolais vineyard. A deputy mayor of the small town of Fleurie, located 50 kilometers north of Lyon, was arrested and placed under judicial supervision for having knocked down a pedestrian on the night of January 28 to 29, according to information from the Progress confirmed at Figaro by several sources familiar with the matter. Far from the annual festivities which see each generation celebrate their classes every January in this region, the elected official is summoned before the court of Villefranche-sur-Saône in September for involuntary injury aggravated by hit and run and non-assistance to anyone in danger.

The victim, a 58-year-old woman, had indeed been violently struck and had been prescribed 90 days of total interruption of work (ITT), indicates the Villefranche prosecution. It was only the gendarmerie investigation, in the surrounding garages following technical and scientific surveys, which made it possible to trace the suspect, said another source. Arrested after the fact, the latter could not be subjected to the usual blood alcohol screenings. Contacted by telephone, the mayor of the town did not respond to our requests.

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