“an emergency psychologist”, the NRJ host accused of harassment responds

At the head of the morning show on NRJ, Manu Lévy is accused of harassment by former collaborators. The host responded.

After Sébastien Cauet, removed from his broadcasts after accusations of rape and sexual assault, will NRJ have to temporarily separate from Manu Lévy? The star host is accused of moral harassment by former collaborators. If someone close to Stéphane Plaza revealed that he was no longer filming while waiting for light to be shed on the accusations of domestic violence made against the host of House for saleit is unknown what the radio station intends to do about its employee assigned to the industrial tribunal.

Bullying is a theme that is no longer taken lightly, particularly school bullying, widely discussed in schools and of which the young Eurovision winner Zoé Clauzure was a victim (and on which she gave a moving testimony) . In the context of work either, the problem is not put aside. Far from there…

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NRJ host accused of harassment

In Releaseseveral former collaborators of Manu Lévy testified, and their words are chilling: “I called a psychologist urgently, I felt like I was sinking”, “He destroyed us psychologically” or “Manu is a drop of poison a day”, we can read in the newspaper, which investigated behind the scenes of the show and collected around twenty testimonies in total.

The man who has been at the head of the NRJ morning show for thirteen years is accused of moral harassment by four former radio employees, who launched proceedings before the industrial tribunal. They evoke behavior “insidious”, “a tyrannical boss”. For Isabelle Giami, co-host alongside him from 2018 to 2023, it was a “permanent denigration”. For some, it even ended in depression.

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Manu Lévy’s response to the accusations

Manu Lévy responded to his accusations. According to him, he is simply firm at work, but he denies having been the perpetrator of moral harassment. The presenter, who started his career on Fun Radiostates: “I am demanding, precise, rigorous, but I have never looked down on anyone. I can make jokes in the studio, but never with the aim of making fun”. His remarks were, according to him, professional, for “improve the quality of the broadcast”. The deputy director of musical media for the NRJ group also spoke about the affair: according to him, the host would never have been the subject of “of the slightest official report” in thirteen years spent on the radio.

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Justice will have to decide, just like for Cauet, who attacked NRJ for abusive breach of contract and will be fixed on his case in May. The latter denounces a “plot” against him. Five women accuse him of sexual assault and rape, including one who is a minor. He has no longer been on NRJ since November 2023.

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