An ex-Miss sentenced for sending naked photos to a minor: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

It's an incredible story that took place in West Virginia, United States. If Ramsey Bearse is a stranger in France, she is a real star in the USA, where she was elected Miss Kentucky in 2014, before representing his state the following year in the Miss America pageant. Adored by all, the young woman lived a fairy tale, yet her life was turned upside down following a court decision in early July, as reported CNN.

Ramsey Bearse was not just a beauty queen … She was also a teacher, who was allegedly victimized by a student. Indeed, she was sentenced to two years in prison by the courts after sending naked photographs to a teenager. The 28-year-old was also placed on the list of sex offenders for life.

Victim of the adolescent?

What if Ramsey Bearse had fallen victim to his student? Questioned by the judge, she explained how she had come to send these naked pictures to the young boy, and it is surprising to say the least. "I wanted to send the photos to my husband, and I was wrong. As a result of this mistake, he asked me more and more and I panicked. I was afraid I couldn't calm him down, but he even sent me a picture of his private parts ", she said in front of the judge. And to continue: "It’s my fault and I accept the judgment. I did no matter what”.

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