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You have probably already heard of the anal plug. This great classic among sex toys has the advantage of being aimed at everyone, men and women, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

What is an anal plug? A sex toy for men and women

An anal plug is a conical-shaped sexual object that is intended to be inserted into the anus” defines Céline Vendé, sexologist and couples therapist in Bordeaux.

There are anal plugs of different sizes (some, used mainly in BDSM circles, can be really impressive) and made of different materials (the “basic” anal plug is made from medical silicone, but there are also anal plugs anal plugs in varnished wood, glass, stainless steel… for different sensations). Without forgetting the vibrating plugs!

On the other hand, regarding the shape of the object, it is usually pointed with a wider base: “this “stop” is essential for the safety of the userspecifies Céline Vendé. Indeed: the anal sphincters (these muscles found around the anus) are very powerful and can produce a suction effect – in short, a sex toy not suitable for anal use could find itself sucked into the rectum , with potentially serious consequences for health. The “stop” of the anal plug avoids this problem.

For anal practice, it is therefore essential to buy a suitable sex toy – such as an anal plug or a prostate stimulator. Any other object could be responsible for serious health problems!

What is the difference between an anal plug and a prostate stimulator? Firstly, the prostate stimulator is (as its name suggests) designed to stimulate the prostate: it therefore only concerns men, while the anal plug is also intended for women. Secondly, if these two sex toys are made to be inserted into the anus, “the prostate stimulator is longer than the anal plug, with a non-regular, more anatomical shapedevelops the sexologist. The anal plug, for its part, stimulates the anus 2-3 centimeters deep, 5 centimeters maximum.”

How to use an anal plug?

There are several ways to use an anal plug, alone or as a couple. First use possible solo: “the anal plug can be worn every day, like a piece of jewelry; it is a way of eroticizing one’s own body, possibly with the aim of improving one’s self-esteem” explains the sexologist and couples therapist. Some anal plugs have a flexible base, which allows you to sit on them without discomfort.

As a couple, this anal toy can also be used during foreplay, to prepare for anal penetration (sodomy, for example). “This sex toy can thus be at the heart of sexual and erotic games between the two partners!” underlines Céline Vendé.

Furthermore, the anal plug can be used during sexual intercourse to increase sensations. “Whether you are solo or in a duo, it involves adding anal stimulation to vaginal or clitoral stimulation (when you are a woman); Wearing an anal plug can also increase pleasure during a fellatioa masturbation session or a cunnilingus” specifies the sexologist.

Anal plug: in practice, how to put it?

Attention !In both men and women, intromission into the anus is not natural: this orifice is made to emit, not to receive!” explains Céline Vendé.

Before starting to use an anal plug (same for prostate stimulators), it is therefore recommended to practice a little: “to prepare the anus for the intromission of a sexual object, you can for example try to insert a finger there while you take a shower; first one phalanx, then two… Go really slowly and in stages.“Of course, it’s best to have short nails!

Intromission of an anal plug into the anus (solo or duo) is easier when using lubricant. “Here again, the golden rule is: gentleness, delicacy and patience!” insists Céline Vendé. As a reminder, unlike the vagina, the anal area is not really subject to natural lubrication…

After use, the cleaning step is essential. The anal plug can be cleaned with soap and water, or with a special cleaning product for sex toys (purchase online or in a specialist store). “Always use the product recommended on the instructions” advises the sexologist. The object is then stored away from dust, in a box or in a small bag.

Where to buy a silicone, glass or metal anal plug?

Most love stores today offer anal plugs of different sizes and made of different materials. Examples include the brands Passage du Désir (where you can find anal toys adorned with rhinestones), Amorelie (which offers very fine anal plugs, perfect for beginners) or even WeVibe (with vibrating anal plugs controlled remotely by using a remote control). So there is something for everyone!

thanks to Céline Vendé, sexologist and couples therapist in Bordeaux.

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