Anatomy of a fall: what start for the Palme d’Or at the French box office?

After its triumph at the Cannes Film Festival, “Anatomy of a Fall” successfully arrived in French cinemas: the Palme d’Or 2023 attracted more than 55,000 spectators for its first day (including previews).


1 – Anatomy of a fall: 55,382 entries (including 8,375 in AVP)

2 – Hypnotic: 26,326 entries

3 – Rewards: 16,427 admissions

4 – The Last Voyage of Demeter: 10,414 entries

5 – The War of the Gods: 1,124 entries

6 – Infiltrated: 315 entries

7 – Ghosts of Istanbul: 315 admissions (including 218 in AVP)

8 – Love Ghost (Reprise) : 200 entries

9 – Dear Dad (Reprise) : 175 entries

10 – My life is a challenge…: 103 entries (including 30 in AVP)

11 – Vera: 92 entries


On May 27, Justine Triet became the third director to win a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, thanks to her relentless Anatomy of a fall. Two months later, and after having endured some futile controversy following her speech when receiving her award, the filmmaker and her film made their debut in French cinemas.

Better: with 55,382 admissions for its first day of operation (and taking into account the previews), Anatomy of a Fall offers itself the head of the ranking of releases for this Wednesday, August 23. And signs the best start of the last ten years for a Palme d’Or.

In front of Parasite, whose excellent score benefited even more from the 17,842 spectators who came to discover Bong Joon-ho’s thriller in preview, while the release took place in the days following his Cannes triumph.


1 – Anatomy of a Fall (2023) : 55,382 entries

2 – Parasite (2019) : 54,941 entries

3 – The Life of Adele (2013): 49,720 admissions

4 – Without filter (2022): 36,565 entries

5 – I, Daniel Blake (2016): 36,811 admissions

6 – Dheepan (2015): 35,207 admissions

7 – The Square (2017): 22,277 admissions

8 – A family affair (2018): 21,189 admissions

9 – Titanium (2021): 12,600 admissions (NB: prohibited for children under 16 and released a few days before receiving the Palme d’Or)

10 – Winter Sleep (2014): 11,115 admissions

Anatomy of a Fall does a little better than The Life of Adele, with which it has other similarities, such as its very long duration (2h30 for Justine Triet, 2h57 for Abdellatif Kechiche) or the fact of having been at the heart of controversy. Much noisier in the case of the film worn by Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos.

If the latest Palme d’Or follows a course similar to those of La Vie d’Adèle and Parasite, it can hope to finish beyond one million admissions. Which would be, by far, the best score of its director, whose record is now held by Victoria and her 657,487 spectators.

Behind the Palme, which they do not reach the score by accumulating theirs, two thrillers complete the podium. And it’s Hypnotic by Robert Rodriguez and Ben Affleck, also presented at Cannes (but at the Midnight Screening), which is ahead of the Compensation by Nimrod Antal and Liam Neeson. With more copies, of course, but a better average per screen.

This is, for Robert Rodriguez, the ninth best start of his career, ahead of Machete Kills but just behind Spy Kids 2. While Liam Neeson does a little better than with Blacklight and Ice Road, his two previous muscular releases.

In his rear view mirror, The Last Voyage of Demeter confirms, after Renfield, that Dracula has lost its bite in dark rooms. Inspired by a chapter in Bram Stoker’s novel, it only attracted 10,414 horror fans. Perhaps handicapped, like the film with Nicolas Cage, by the absence of the name of the king of the vampires in the title.

In the rest of the ranking, we will note a rare fact: two films recorded the same number of entries, 315 to be precise. But Infiltrated achieved this without the slightest preview, and therefore ranks ahead of Ghosts of Istanbul.

Figures: CBO – Box Office

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