Anchor: Crazy Charger is made of corn and sugar beets

The manufacturer Anker has discovered sustainability for itself and presented a special charging cable. After all, it consists of 40 percent plant-based components such as corn and sugar beets. The Bio cable is available with a USB-C or Lightning connector. A new mini power supply was also introduced.

Anchor: Charging cable made from corn and sugar beet

Even manufacturers of charging accessories can no longer afford to ignore their ecological footprint in 2022. The new charging cable from Anker makes this clear. Unlike usual, the manufacturer has one herbal ingredient set. According to the company, 40 percent of the coating consists of corn and sugar beets. In this way one would like to contribute to the reduction of plastics.

In terms of robustness, the new material should be in no way inferior to the usual. Anchor speaks of over 20,000 bendsthat the bio-cable can withstand. Even a load of up to 80 kg should not pose any major problems for the cable. Anker offers a variant of the cable with a USB connector and one with a Lightning connector (source: Anker).

For the USB-C variant with a length of 90 cm, it costs 17.99 euros (view at Amazon). If twice the length is desired, 19.99 euros must be put on the table. The cable can transmit up to 100 watts, provided you have a suitable power supply unit.

the Lightning variant costs 19.99 euros for 90 cm (view at Amazon), 180 cm are available for 24.99 euros. A discount campaign is available until September 19, 2022, where you have to pay 10 percent less.

In the future we might be able to charge our phones remotely:

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New mini power supply Anker Nano 3

The Anker Nano 3 USB-C power supply, which is also newly presented, does not contain any plant-based components. With a maximum charging power of 30 watts is to be expected here. PowerIQ 3.0 and ActiveShield 2.0 support the sensors. The small power pack is available in white, purple and black for 24.99 euros.

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