“And Just Like That …”: A mini-look at the new season

“And Just Like That …”
Mini insight into the new season

New set from “And Just Like That …”

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Two small scenes were released from the “Sex and the City” sequel “And Just Like That …” – and they don’t seem typical at all.

Two small insights into the new chapter of “Sex and the City”: Photos from the set of “And Just Like That …” show how Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker, 56), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon, 55 ) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis, 56) have a picnic under a tree, drink wine, and chat.

For “Sex and the City” fans, the outfits are of course particularly important: Miranda, meanwhile stylishly gray, wears a wrap blouse and a skirt with a checked pattern. In the scene, Carrie puts on a wine-red oversize trouser suit and a strict bun. And Charlotte can be seen in a playful, high-necked floral blouse with flounces.

What happens to Carrie and Mr. Big?

Just in time for the new pictures from the set, HBO Max also released the first moving image material in the sequel. In a trailer the three ladies can also be seen waving enthusiastically to another person.

Also: Chris Noth (66) aka Mr. Big, who dances with Carrie in the kitchen and hugs her lovingly from behind. Shortly afterwards you can see him cooking while Carrie passionately wraps her arms around him and kisses him. It was said that the two will get divorced in the series …

Fans will find out in the coming year whether the two scenes with Mr. Big are a happy ending or the calm before the storm.


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